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about us

Jeremy Gray, Founder 

 I battled addiction with meth & alcohol for over 10 years to a point where it consumed my life. That's when I found myself in Purcell Oklahoma at Robs Ranch Treatment center. Counselors Dennis Maddon, Mark Vickers, Bill Anderson, and Bruce Kaup challenged me in ways I had never been challenged before! I was able to figure out who I was for the first time in my life and saw the vision that God had for me. I met a guy named Chris Flanary while I was in treatment and saw what he was doing to help others through his foundation Brothers in Recovery and decided to follow my heart and do the same. Rob's Ranch slogan is EXPECT A MIRACLE, and that's where myself and s few buddies (Ryan H., Brock N., Jack S., Heath T., & Tyler R.) came up with our name hoping we could help men find their PATH TO MIRACLES!